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7th Grays Beavers enjoy Wimpole Hall sleepover

7th Grays Beavers have recently been on a very exciting sleepover to Wimpole Hall in Cambridgeshire.

We joined up with 1st Potton Woodland colony from Bedfordshire District and with the help of Gang Show SAS had a fantastic time! We pitched our tents down on the farm and then had the entire estate to go around during the weekend. The Beavers got to do lots of activities for badge work and had a lot of fun playing on the tractors at the farm.

The weather was against us ever so slightly with very heavy rain throughout the day but we ploughed on through the programme. We went on a hike up to the gothic folly and back, which took us about 45mins in the pouring rain! The Beavers had a lovely time though playing in the puddles and skidding around in the mud. Once we got back to the farm the leaders had a chance to warm up in the café watching the Beavers having a wonderful time in the playground.

We had to drastically change our plans for putting the Beaver’s beds down because of the rain but we got there in the end and not a single beaver went to sleep with wet bedding! A treasure hunt had been set up around the farm and we set the Beavers off in small groups with their torches to go and find the CDs in the dark. They had an absolute blast running free range around the farm and luckily it had stopped raining by this point.

The evening finished off with some campfire songs in the great barn and a story before bed. The morning was very simple as we needed to be off the farm by opening time, so it was up, pack away, breakfast and go home.

Thank you so much to all the leaders and helpers who came from 7th Grays, it was lovely to have your support in running something like this. Thank you also to the Gang Show SAS members Jax, Scott, Lucy and Sharon who were invaluable and came all the way out to Cambridge to help. This sleepover simply couldn’t have run without everyone’s help and I am personally massively grateful for all the support I received not only in the lead-up to the event but also over the weekend, as the plans had to change very quickly and everyone either went with it or had suggestions of how to make it better.

Looking forward to the next one now! (I will book better weather I promise.)

Article by Vicki Watt