First YouShape Awards achieved by 1st Corringham Cubs

11th December 2022
1st Corringham Cubs recently became the very first young people in Thurrock to complete their YouShape awards.

The YouShape award is split into four parts which require the young people to speak up and take the lead during their Scouting journey. These parts include setting a goal they would like to achieve while in scouting; planning an activity/trip etc for their section; taking the lead by welcoming a new member or running part of the programme and finally representing their section within the local community.

For example, the Cubs decided to organise a Christmas sleepover for the planning part of the award. During the sleepover, they were also presented their awards and certificates by Deputy Youth Commissioner Jess McDonald.

1st Corringham Cubs have been the first section to achieve all four of the YouShape badges. It was so nice to be invited down to present the awards at their sleepover and to see what they had achieved whilst completing their award,” explained Jess.

For more information on how to achieve the YouShape Awards with your section visit